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Like rats

We live like rats.
Crammed into our holes
Refugees in our sewers
Waiting anxiously what
The crumbs reach us from some dunghill.

We live like rats
In a shipwreck looking
Drowning in the open sea
Stepping on the small and weak rat
Leaving behind his remains
So that lagging rats
Devour them to the bone.

We live like rats
In colonies of thousands of members
All the same,
With the same thought:
Live one more day
Forgetting our condition as infected beings.

We live like rats
But we live.

Do we really live?

Micro Trilogy – Little World


It was a small and insignificant world ravaged by snowstorms and torrential rains where the wind seemed to always drag an eternal sob. One could safely affirm what was the saddest enclave in the universe. Even with that oppressive atmosphere, it was the only place he could call «Home».


He lived locked in his small and melancholy crystal world until the immensity of the universe that turned beyond its transparent walls made him fall face to face with the cruel reality by breaking the fragile barrier that isolated him in a thousand pieces.

He thought: «Freedom is not synonymous with happiness»


Sometimes, in the loneliest moments, he would lose his gaze on the distant horizon and let the thoughts travel to the past, to his crystal ball. He who had been his home and who could never return.

His last vision was a sad and lonely snowfield dyed with grays. Those who saw him die say they never saw such a sincere smile.

The Contract

Sign here, here and here
All ready

The mansion is yours
The luxurious new vehicle
That yacht moored
And the private Jet

You will not be short of women
Of generous breasts
And disproportionate butts

You can travel wherever you want
Eat the best dishes
Drug, drink or play
You will never lack balance in the bank

Believe me, you signed
The best contract
The most experienced commercial says so
They do not call me for nothing


I’m waiting for you

This new moon night
You can not fall asleep
There’s something in the shadows
That project the slits of the blind
That oppresses your insides without compassion

Reign the silence
But in your ears
Strange unspeakable whispers
They reproduce at intervals.

«Look under the bed«

«I’m waiting for you»

You look under the bed
There is nothing


In the epicenter of the darkness

A huge eyes watch
And a mad grin
That simulates a hideous smile

«I’m waiting for you»

«Do not you want in this lonely nightSent my hug?»

Your body convulses
With the foggy mind
The muscles following another
They will stretch your trembling arms
To the impenetrable darkness
An icy touch grabs you
Pull tightly from your wrists
And drag you
Where your cries of pain
They sound empty and muted
And the crunch of your bones splintering
It dilutes between inaudible whispers

«I was waiting for you»

«Now we’ll rest together»


Reign the calm
The most absolute calm
The sky dappled with clouds
Is paralyzed
It is a canvas that varies
Light blue to red flame
It burns on the horizon
After monumental silent mountain ranges
Immutable in their eternity

A flock of ducks in formation
Point to a distant direction
Your destiny there far
Where winter does not exist
Very high Where the view just reaches
Vapor lines are intertwined
Or chemical trails
They weave a dawn
Another sunrise

Everything is in balance
The air Its breezes and strong winds
Water leaping in ethereal waterfalls
Grass The thousand-year-old forests
And further
At incomprehensible distances
The universe

What can break this perfect balance?

They called him a monster

Since he could remember the whole world he referred to him as «monster». It is possible that it was because of the amorphousness of his physical complexion, his disturbing features, because of the unhealthy pestilence he gave off, because of the unnatural tone of voice he had when emitting any type of sound or a mixture of all those unpleasant characteristics.

The day he devoured He lived his first victim and enjoyed the cries of despair and the taste of fresh blood he knew with certainty that it was not an unfounded nickname.

The key

As a child I found an old rusty key of strange bas-reliefs hidden in a hole under a rotten wood in the attic.

Year after year I searched obsessively for the lock that kept the secrets that the key served me on a silver platter. I traversed until the extenuation the most forgotten sites, the most hidden ruins and the most ungodly temples, but the search seemed to be in vain until one night of new moon hit me with the gate.

It was through the darkest gallery of an ancient crypts devoured by time in the dim light of a torch. At the end of a corridor covered with  spider webs a heavy stone door carved with twisted figures from other eras. The same twisted figures that shaped the precious key that accompanied me always chained to my neck.

The key fit perfectly in the keyhole. It turned with the creaking and shuddering of heavy gears, and the door opened ceremoniously with the creaking of its hinges and a cloud of dust. When the dust dissipated, the discovery of what was on the other side horrified me.

It horrified me and I fell in love. That’s why my last conscious acts were to lock the door behind my back, undress and surrender to the cold embrace of the throbbing and obscene darkness that had been locked there for eons waiting for my arrival.

First Journey

-The first time it always hurts –

You said caressing my hair
Then you lay down next to me
We kissed
And all around became mist
Except you and me

In the middle of the dreamy haze
We saw our bodies asleep
Breathing rhythmic
Empty containers in suspension

I think I strongly held your hand
And we float like swallows
Around our nest
In the forgotten spring of the world

At our reach infinity
And that first time
We were not able
The farthest from the stars
The one on the edge of the universe
Where beyond there is nothing
Only eternity
That eternity that throbs inside
That flashes to the beat
From our heartbeats
So intense
So eternal

The return hurt
You were right
But embraced
In this empty alternative reality
We want to travel again
Where we are the only ones
Living beings of the universe

The only ones really alive

Under the shadow of the tree of the world

I took you by the hand and I took you running and laughing at the base of the tree of the world. Around us, the rest of the universe moved slowly and I only thought of melting our bodies under their gargantuan branches, without being disturbed by the tremors that took place below, deep down in the subsoil where the roots of Yggdrasil were devoured slowly but irremediably.

We did not care The Ragnarok would arrive soon and everything known would be ravaged by bloody battles and desolation, but as it was written in the stars, it would be you and me alone to repopulate the world from among the ashes.

And so, under the shadow of the tree of the world, we fucked without worry or rest until the sunset came and the very existence shuddered before the compasses of distant drums of war.

The final judgment had begun and I could only think of lying next to you for all eternity.