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Nosound – Scintilla


A scintilla sparked in my soul
I don’t know how it started on its own
It didn’t set my heart on fire
Maybe it will, now I know you’re a liar

Our love was beautiful and cold
like that brisk white winter dawn
when the innocence melted like snow
even before we came back home

Sunshine is something I should never miss
You made it feel like a stolen bliss
Reaching down to pull me out of your abyss
I know I knew you were never in this

A scintilla sparks in my soul
I don’t know how it starts on its own
I’ll make sure there’s wood for the fire
To go through the night and wake up to desire


Una chispa chisporroteo en mi alma
No sé cómo comenzó por si misma
No prendió fuego a mi corazón
Tal vez lo haga, ahora sé que eres una mentirosa

Nuestro amor era hermoso y frio
como ese amanecer blanco invernal
cuando la inocencia se derritió como la nieve
incluso antes de regresar a casa

El sol es algo que nunca se debería perder
Lo hiciste sentir como una dicha robada
Alcanzando para sacarme de tu abismo
Sé que sabía que nunca estuviste

Una chispa chisporrotea en mi alma
No sé cómo comienza por si misma
Me aseguraré de que haya leña para el fuego
Para pasar la noche y despertar al deseo


Después de Marillion, Nosound ahora ocupa el segundo puesto de mis bandas favoritas… Esa ambientación y melancolía que desprende su música es única.

Espero que os guste este tema de su quinto álbum “Scintilla“.


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Like rats

We live like rats.
Crammed into our holes
Refugees in our sewers
Waiting anxiously what
The crumbs reach us from some dunghill.

We live like rats
In a shipwreck looking
Drowning in the open sea
Stepping on the small and weak rat
Leaving behind his remains
So that lagging rats
Devour them to the bone.

We live like rats
In colonies of thousands of members
All the same,
With the same thought:
Live one more day
Forgetting our condition as infected beings.

We live like rats
But we live.

Do we really live?

The Contract

Sign here, here and here
All ready

The mansion is yours
The luxurious new vehicle
That yacht moored
And the private Jet

You will not be short of women
Of generous breasts
And disproportionate butts

You can travel wherever you want
Eat the best dishes
Drug, drink or play
You will never lack balance in the bank

Believe me, you signed
The best contract
The most experienced commercial says so
They do not call me for nothing


I’m waiting for you

This new moon night
You can not fall asleep
There’s something in the shadows
That project the slits of the blind
That oppresses your insides without compassion

Reign the silence
But in your ears
Strange unspeakable whispers
They reproduce at intervals.

“Look under the bed

“I’m waiting for you”

You look under the bed
There is nothing


In the epicenter of the darkness

A huge eyes watch
And a mad grin
That simulates a hideous smile

“I’m waiting for you”

“Do not you want in this lonely nightSent my hug?”

Your body convulses
With the foggy mind
The muscles following another
They will stretch your trembling arms
To the impenetrable darkness
An icy touch grabs you
Pull tightly from your wrists
And drag you
Where your cries of pain
They sound empty and muted
And the crunch of your bones splintering
It dilutes between inaudible whispers

“I was waiting for you”

“Now we’ll rest together”


Reign the calm
The most absolute calm
The sky dappled with clouds
Is paralyzed
It is a canvas that varies
Light blue to red flame
It burns on the horizon
After monumental silent mountain ranges
Immutable in their eternity

A flock of ducks in formation
Point to a distant direction
Your destiny there far
Where winter does not exist
Very high Where the view just reaches
Vapor lines are intertwined
Or chemical trails
They weave a dawn
Another sunrise

Everything is in balance
The air Its breezes and strong winds
Water leaping in ethereal waterfalls
Grass The thousand-year-old forests
And further
At incomprehensible distances
The universe

What can break this perfect balance?

Under a cold winter sun

He looked at him in the distance
On the other side of the road
Sunny or snowy
Day and night
For his image, he sighed

Sad life of lovers
What they see in their yearnings
An impossible utopian
Well, by destiny’s designs
Their bodies are motionless
And they are separated
At the mercy of the whims
Of cyclic stations
And a dusty road

But the roots are deep
And his unstoppable desire
And they stretch until they caress
And interlace

Icy winds blow
They sow their slender stems
And to the sound of his incessant whistling
Under a cold winter sun
They extend until they hold on
Its skeletal branches
To form when weather conditions
Knotted to their bodies and souls
New green shoots
Flowers of delicate colors
And fruits of a thousand flavors

Crossing between stars

Lights in the distance
Dancing lights in the dark
What gives life to diffuse shadows
Shadows under lonely feet
Like yours or mine
Lights that blink and turn off

Could it be stars?

Lighthouses that guide the forgotten
Hiding the most unknown fears
Fear that goes from our hand
As faithful and violent dogs

Lights that are left behind
After passing quickly by your side
Followed by one more
And another …

Does anyone else feel them?

Lights visible from space
Splashing the globe
Like a disease
That is infected by the look

Have you ever seen the stars?

A grandfather asks his grandson
We travel between them
Although such a useless knowledge
This condemned to oblivion
Like you
Like me
How the world what
We know

(Or that we once knew)

The flower

It was the most beautiful flower in the garden
The most colorful
And I a bumblebee after his pollen
After its aromas
After its flavors
Eager to carry the end
With me your nectar

More as usual
In idyllic stories

(Libidinous by nature)

I ended up locked in his trap

(I fell without compunction)

Glued to its soft and moist touch
While being devoured
For his thirsty and hungry mouth

(Well, the honey that I could lick from his lips deserved it)

Looking for oblivion

“To drink or not to drink
Here is the question “

I watch the wet glass
And his golden delicacy
Stroking the ice cubes

My thirsty palate
And my brain always so dog
Calling arms
To a drink falling

To do pain
For having lost you
A small residue
Condemned to oblivion

(Despite finishing well fucked)

“How to refuse to that fate
When the heart has surrendered? “