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Under the shadow of the tree of the world

I took you by the hand and I took you running and laughing at the base of the tree of the world. Around us, the rest of the universe moved slowly and I only thought of melting our bodies under their gargantuan branches, without being disturbed by the tremors that took place below, deep down in the subsoil where the roots of Yggdrasil were devoured slowly but irremediably.

We did not care The Ragnarok would arrive soon and everything known would be ravaged by bloody battles and desolation, but as it was written in the stars, it would be you and me alone to repopulate the world from among the ashes.

And so, under the shadow of the tree of the world, we fucked without worry or rest until the sunset came and the very existence shuddered before the compasses of distant drums of war.

The final judgment had begun and I could only think of lying next to you for all eternity.



When I dive in your eyes
I’m trying to decipher your secrets.
The most unspeakable of them

Those that we all accumulate
Someplace Dark
Between thoughts

Those who always come back
And cling to the brain so blind
Or to the heart so naïve

Those that hurt
Not being able to release them
Of his impassable prison
Of his endless condemnation
To stay trapped
The time that we live remains

Will you decipher my biggest secret?

I keep thinking of you
Even if you can’t know

With gorgon’s eyes

Look, I was warned
And here I am lost forever.
For pursuing a dream
An utopia
With swirling hair
Latent of life
And organic forms
Of serpentine movements

Look, I was warned
For the oracles
And the old wise men
And the tavern patrons
And children’s stories
What they take away from sleep
On the darkest nights
When the flames fade
In volatile smoke threads

Look, I was naive
For believing that magic did not exist
For thinking that
Those worn bodies
They would be something of a past
So far

And now here I am
Seeing my bones turn
Organs, Muscles and skin
Cold inert stone
And all for looking directly
The eyes of the gorgon
And try to say without words
What escape from my paralyzed lips
A simple
“I need you”

¿Why you do not talk to me?

I strike your chest with all the strength

¿Why you do not talk to me?

My eyes do not stop flowing
What is spilled in waterfalls of frustration 

¡Wake up fuck! ¡Awake!

I support my head on your frozen thorax
While I beg to feel
What moves inside you
Inert silence
No heartbeat or breathing

¡Tell me something please!

Your crystalline pupil returns me
A decadent reflection
The one of a desperate man
For feeling life
In a body that was always dead.

¿Why did you have to drain your battery?

I ever hate love songs

I ever hate love songs

Songs about a lie

That only exist in our’s own mind

Beyond body

Or simply hearth

I always hate rhymes about you


Because I only think

About this obsesion

This feeling that strike inside the breast




Every little fragment of the seconds

A simple rhythm that sounds like