Micro Trilogy – Little World

por Bufón loco


It was a small and insignificant world ravaged by snowstorms and torrential rains where the wind seemed to always drag an eternal sob. One could safely affirm what was the saddest enclave in the universe. Even with that oppressive atmosphere, it was the only place he could call «Home».


He lived locked in his small and melancholy crystal world until the immensity of the universe that turned beyond its transparent walls made him fall face to face with the cruel reality by breaking the fragile barrier that isolated him in a thousand pieces.

He thought: «Freedom is not synonymous with happiness»


Sometimes, in the loneliest moments, he would lose his gaze on the distant horizon and let the thoughts travel to the past, to his crystal ball. He who had been his home and who could never return.

His last vision was a sad and lonely snowfield dyed with grays. Those who saw him die say they never saw such a sincere smile.