I’m waiting for you

por Bufón loco

This new moon night
You can not fall asleep
There’s something in the shadows
That project the slits of the blind
That oppresses your insides without compassion

Reign the silence
But in your ears
Strange unspeakable whispers
They reproduce at intervals.

«Look under the bed«

«I’m waiting for you»

You look under the bed
There is nothing


In the epicenter of the darkness

A huge eyes watch
And a mad grin
That simulates a hideous smile

«I’m waiting for you»

«Do not you want in this lonely nightSent my hug?»

Your body convulses
With the foggy mind
The muscles following another
They will stretch your trembling arms
To the impenetrable darkness
An icy touch grabs you
Pull tightly from your wrists
And drag you
Where your cries of pain
They sound empty and muted
And the crunch of your bones splintering
It dilutes between inaudible whispers

«I was waiting for you»

«Now we’ll rest together»

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