Under a cold winter sun

por Bufón loco

He looked at him in the distance
On the other side of the road
Sunny or snowy
Day and night
For his image, he sighed

Sad life of lovers
What they see in their yearnings
An impossible utopian
Well, by destiny’s designs
Their bodies are motionless
And they are separated
At the mercy of the whims
Of cyclic stations
And a dusty road

But the roots are deep
And his unstoppable desire
And they stretch until they caress
And interlace

Icy winds blow
They sow their slender stems
And to the sound of his incessant whistling
Under a cold winter sun
They extend until they hold on
Its skeletal branches
To form when weather conditions
Knotted to their bodies and souls
New green shoots
Flowers of delicate colors
And fruits of a thousand flavors